Top Ten Travel Tips

Here are my top 10 travel tips for your next big adventure:

1. Learn the local laws & customs; Celebrate the local culture
2. Check Yelp for the most popular eateries or where to find local authentic cuisine
3. Keep important documents, ID, passport, credit cards, etc. with you at all times; Also know the location and phone number of the nearest embassy (for out of country trips) and local emergency services like the hospital or police
4. Sightsee, explore and schedule fun adventurous activities
5. Learn the basics of the local language
6. Know the exchange rate for currency (if not in USD)
7. Use public transportation
8. Use miles to book your flights; Track flight pricing through the Google Flights application (has all major airlines except Southwest)
9. Use,,, to compare fares and book package deals for trips (I did this for my NYC trip)
10. Get souvenirs to remember your new adventures (I always like to collect postcards wherever I go and write each day’s itinerary on the back so I have every memory from my trip documented without the hassle of having to journal while I’m on vacation)

Ultimate Packing List

For every trip I have ever been on, I always use my fool proof packing list to make sure I have everything that I will need. Keep in mind that this is an exhaustive checklist and may contain items that may not be necessary to pack for a trip depending upon your destination, the weather and your gender. Please tailor your packing as you see fit. Hope this comprehensive list helps make packing for you stress-free. Happy traveling friends!

Plane Basics:
1. Reading Materials (Books, Magazines, Newspaper, etc.)
2. Chewing Gum/Mints/Colgate Wisps
3. Snacks
4. Bottled Water
5. Earplugs
6. Sleeping Mask
7. Travel Pillow
8. Motion-Sickness Remedy (Dramamine)
9. Sleeping Pills
10. Anxiety Medication/Prescriptions

Important Items:
11. Wallet/Cash/Credit Cards/ATM Card/Traveler’s Checks
12. Passport & Visas
13. Driver’s License
14. Travel Itinerary
15. Maps & Directions
16. Travel Tickets/Confirmations/Membership Rewards Numbers
17. Travel Guides

18. Flashlight
19. Collapsible Tote/Plastic Bags
20. Money Belt
21. Laundry Bag/Soap
22. Stain Remover
23. Sewing Kit
24. Travel Iron/Travel Steamer
25. Umbrella
26. Travel Locks & Keys
27. Luggage Tags
28. Hospitality Gifts
29. Travel Journal
30. Sports Gear
31. Address Book/Stamps
32. Important Numbers (In case of emergency)
33. Planner/Pen

34. Cell Phone & Charger
35. Laptop & Charger
36. Camera & Charger
37. Music/Headphones
38. Voltage Adaptors
39. Batteries
40. Alarm Clock

41. Work Documents
42. Work Reading
43. Business Cards
44. Office Supplies/Notebook

Important Documents:
45. Medical Insurance Card
46. List of Medications
47. Travel Insurance
48. Car Insurance Card

Clothes & Accessories:
49. Purse/Backpack
50. Undergarments/Socks
51. Sleepwear
52. Dress Shirts/Slacks or Skirts
53. Sweaters
54. Blazers
55. Dresses or Suits/Tuxedos
56. Jackets/Coats/Raincoats
57. Hats/Gloves/Scarves
58. T-shirts/Tank Tops
59. Sweatshirts
60. Jeans/Shorts
61. Exercise Clothing
62. Swimsuits
63. Athletic Shoes/Leisure Shoes/Dress Shoes
64. Sandals/Flip Flops
65. Belts/Wristwatches/Ties or Jewelry
66. Glasses/Sunglasses/Reading Glasses

67. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
68. Dental Floss/Mouthwash
69. Soap
70. Washcloth
71. Deodorant
72. Shampoo/Conditioner
73. Brush/Comb
74. Hair Dryer/Flat Iron/Curling Iron
75. Styling Products/Hair Accessories
76. Mirror
77. Cleanser
78. Sunscreen
79. Moisturizer
80. Lip Balm
81. Contact Lenses & Case
82. Saline Solution
83. Shaving Cream/Razor
84. Perfume or Cologne
85. Makeup/Makeup Remover/Face Masks
86. Feminine Hygiene (If applicable)
87. Nail Clippers/Nail File/Nail Polish Remover
88. Hand wipes/Hand Sanitizer
89. Tissues/Cotton Balls/Cotton Swabs
90. Tweezers
91. Lint Roller
92. Insect Repellent
93. Sickness Medications
94. Pain Reliever
95. Vitamins/Emergen-C
96. First-Aid Kit
97. Band-Aids