Tokyo DisneySea Travel Guide

Love absolutely every Disney park but this was by far going in the books as one of my favorites. It felt like a hybrid of Epcot with the different cultural lands and California Adventure with similar familiar attractions. My expectations for this park going in were very low since I hadn’t heard too much about it, boy was I surprised how much fun I had. Mount Prometheus (shown above) is an extraordinarily gorgeous focal point of the amusement park. Wished I would’ve brought home a cute little Duffy bear souvenir key chain (guess I’ll have to go back).

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I came during Halloween time which was funny because it wasn’t as decked out in decorations like its counterpart Tokyo Disneyland. Only the front gate.


The entrance to the park had a beautiful plaza equip with a globe (kind of reminded me of Universal Studios Hollywood). It was amazing! Made me get major wanderlust


Next up you enter the beyond BEAUTIFUL Mediterranean Harbor (one of my favorites) I felt like I was whisked away to Italy. I definitely enjoyed the ambience of the romantic Southern European port town feel and of course always love Italian food MMM gelato and pasta yum! The architecture was spot on, so impressed Disney. It was so well done, even better than the Venetian in Vegas. Slightly sad the Venetian gondolas ride weren’t in operation during my trip, but I definitely took advantage of everything else. We ate at the cute Zambini Brother’s Ristorante for a delicious spaghetti dinner.


Let’s move on to Mysterious Island which hosts the wonderful Mount Prometheus and center of the park.  This was an interesting land for sure. The only thing that stood out was the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride which took up 99% of the area as well as 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas. Two rides you’ll have to do at least once for the experience, but not to die for favorites in my opinion.


We adventured to the American Waterfront, which was probably the most random themed land and the most like California Adventure Park. The highlight of course Tower of Terror Hotel HighTower (geez so much scarier than the one we used to have at California Adventure and the one in Florida’s Hollywood Studios). The tiki head voodoo doll things still give me the creeps and nightmares. Was fun doing Toy Story Mania (favorite of mine at California Adventure). We also rode the Electric railway which was awesome (better than Disneyland’s railroad for sure). The SS Columbia ship restaurant reminded me so much of the Queen Mary in Long Beach (brings back so many memories of high school prom). Oh and lastly the Cape Cod area……so adorable! Can I go visit dad’s dreamy Boston hometown? LOVE LOVE LOVE. Wish I would’ve got some pictures of this area, but I’ll have to visit the real deal right?


Port Discovery was supposed to be like Tomorrowland with its futuristic vibe and center of weather control across the horizons of time. The StormRider was kind of terrifying not going to lie. It made me a little afraid of storms. The Aquatopia was a strange ride too, but I was never a fan of water rides to begin with. Haha my biggest memory from this land honestly was the ice cream we ate, so cute.


Next land was Lost River Delta….based on the Central America jungles with the neatly done ruins of the ancient civilization. Was like a grown up Adventureland. By far my favorite ride was Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull. So much more fun LED lights and effects than in California. Other big ride in the area was Raging Spirits….don’t know what the trend is with this park and terrifying rides, but my goodness I thought this wooden roller coaster was going to give me a heart attack. I mean, just look at the thing. Gives me chills. Even the warning signs had me second guessing whether these fast passes were a good idea.


We ventured to Mermaid Lagoon after that. Cute little land of rainbow colors, feeling very under the sea. All the rides were adorable just like Fantasyland. Very mellow. Flounder’s flying fish coaster was probably most popular. Just like the Toontown coaster at Disneyland. I couldn’t get enough of the Scuttle’s Scooters. We were moving in little crabs haha. The Mermaid Lagoon Theater…..please don’t miss this. So good! Too good! Couldn’t help, but sing along at King Triton’s Symphony Concert. Course visit the Triton’s Kingdom which is an indoor dark dimly lit room which really feels like you’ve entered Ariel’s grotto. The jumping jellyfish ride was just like California Adventure. I’d skip the whirlpool, but the Blowfish Balloon Race was way fun…..made me want to ride in an actual hot air balloon.


Saved the best land for last, drumroll please…..Arabian Coast! Can we tell this was my FAVORITE by the sheer amount of photos I took? The details…so intricate and magnificent. Made me want to travel to the Middle East so badly. The architecture was just as good if not better than the European port earlier. Blew me out of the water. The Magic Lamp Theater show reminded me of the old Aladdin broadway production they used to do at California Adventure. The fact that my favorite though was the Caravan Carousel was too funny. Can every carousel have camels? And guys, it was TWO levels of fun! A little embarrassed by the fact that yeah I was the only one on the ride haha. Jasmine’s Flying Carpets were just like Dumbo, but better. Too bad I didn’t have my Aladdin riding with me to take a journey across the natural wonders of the world 😉 Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage was kind of strange….not the cute little storybook canal ride I’m used to from Disneyland. The Abu’s Bazaar and Agrabah Marketplace were so neat! Made me want to see the real Grand Bazaar someday in Istanbul. Whoever takes me to India will be my best friend ever.


There you have it friends, alas you’ve made it to the end. Enjoy if you visit, this place is truly special! Shots curteousy of my good old point and shoot, pretty nifty knowing I got all these decent photos (OG camera days before the DSLR).


Wonderful Disney adventures await you young travelers.


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