Top Ten Travel Tips

Here are my top 10 travel tips for your next big adventure:

1. Learn the local laws & customs; Celebrate the local culture
2. Check Yelp for the most popular eateries or where to find local authentic cuisine
3. Keep important documents, ID, passport, credit cards, etc. with you at all times; Also know the location and phone number of the nearest embassy (for out of country trips) and local emergency services like the hospital or police
4. Sightsee, explore and schedule fun adventurous activities
5. Learn the basics of the local language
6. Know the exchange rate for currency (if not in USD)
7. Use public transportation
8. Use miles to book your flights; Track flight pricing through the Google Flights application (has all major airlines except Southwest)
9. Use,,, to compare fares and book package deals for trips (I did this for my NYC trip)
10. Get souvenirs to remember your new adventures (I always like to collect postcards wherever I go and write each day’s itinerary on the back so I have every memory from my trip documented without the hassle of having to journal while I’m on vacation)

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